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BROEN-LAB is the leading manufacturer of laboratory fixtures and well recognized all over the world. Work with us and strengthen your business.

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USP #1
Value for your entire business

We are not content with delivering bits and pieces, but engage in close partnerships with furniture manufacturers for mutual benefit.

USP #2
Increase your sales

Working with one of the world’s leading brands gives you a decisive competitive advantage.

USP #3
Developing solutions for your customers

As a leading manufacturer of laboratory taps, valves and regulators we have accumulated unrivaled expertise, all available to you.

Help work leaner and smarter in the lab

Decades of experience at your disposal

We have more than 50 years of experience with producing taps, valves and regulators for laboratories and our solutions are implemented and in operation all over the world.

USP #1
We offer a total solution and a 360 degree service

A solution is much more than its parts. During the entire clarification process our experts offer free advice, and if needed we are also willing to help with a professional installation. Through and through we have a 100% customer oriented approach that keeps us up to speed with the demands of modern laboratories.

USP #3
Give your customers a great experience

Having BROEN-LAB as a business partner ensures your customers the best possible solutions. They will experience simple, efficient and seamless solutions in any kind of project. Our wide product range makes it possible to meet any demands they may have.

Solutions that help your lab become more agile

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What customers say


  Testimonial from a furniture manufacturer

WALDNER offers individual and technically sophisticated laboratory solutions. With the space concept “Dimensions”, Waldner has the highest demands with regards to flexibility and ergonomics of the media supply.

Thanks to BROEN-LAB’s fitting systems Quick Connect and Uniflex, we can provide solutions that meet these demands

Stefan Holler
Head of Marketing

Testimonial image

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