Installation and mounting solutions

Installation and mounting solutions

In order to enable full flexibility and perfect installation we offer a wide range of taps, valves, regulators and Connections. Our product programme cover various media types: Water, special water, burning, technical and high purity gases.

BROEN-LAB flexible hoses are the easy way to make the installation in the laboratory where safety and efficiency are required. Installation with our hoses saves time and labour, which means reduced installation costs.

Taps, valves and regulators
No laboratory solution is stronger than its weakest link. Rely on high quality BROEN-LAB products for every detail of your solution.

Quick couplings
BROEN-LAB Quick Couplings are the right choice when you need to switch between media on a frequent basis. These couplings help you change setup quickly and safely.

There is much more

This is just a few examples of the many product variations we have in our product programme. Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a quality solution to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose BROEN-LAB solutions?

USP #1
Get exactly the configuration you want

It has never been easier to design individual solutions. With BROEN-LAB you can have the setup that meets your requirements 100%.

USP #2
Get free hands to add and change

Our flexible concept makes it easy to add and replace components. You can make adjustments in minutes and then move on with your work.

USP #3
Get more for your investment

The modular design, easy assembly and long lifetime of the components keep the cost of installation, service and repairs down.