Colour Coding System

An innovative technology from BROEN-LAB

USP #1
Instant identification

Clear colours help employees identify the various taps, valves and regulators in the laboratory safely and quickly.

USP #2
International systems or your own

All handles in our programme can be delivered according to an international colour coding system (EN13792 and SEFA 7) or to your own system.

USP #3
Also for fume cupboard outlets

We also deliver fume cupboard outlets with coloured media indication, as the only supplier on the market.

Clear colours help navigate in the laboratory

– ensuring quick and safe identification of media

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Know exactly what you are doing

The three zone media indication contains all the information needed to ensure precise and safe operation.

The media indications on the handle are structured according to the EN13792 and SEFA 7 standard. This means that laboratory employees immediately are able to recognize the media and can operate the equipment with confidence.

Zone 1
Indicates the kind of media going through the product. Green for water, yellow for flammable gaseous hydrocarbons, black for tonic gases etc. The area of zone 1 shall be at least as large as that of zone 2.

Zone 2
Indicates the direction to turn the handle in order to increase or decrease volume pressure. Zones 2 and 3 shall be circular.

Zone 3
An abbreviation or description of the media. The diameter of zone 3 shall be at least 7 mm.

Choose your material

Our handles are produced in two types of material, so you have the choice between molded polypropylene and painted zinc.

The look and feel differs slightly between the two types, but quality and durability is at the same high level.

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