For better performance in educational labs

A modern laboratory for educational use needs to perform every day. Students and researchers work under tight time constraints and must deliver high quality results. There is not much room for downtime if equipment fails or an incident happens.

BROEN-LAB offers flexible laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems that work reliably for year after year.

Why choose us?

USP #1
Keep on working

Minimise breakdowns with a high quality solution built for busy environments.

USP #2
Our solutions grow with you

As demands change you can easily update your solution and stay on top.

USP #3
Value for money

Get an attractive life-time cost due to easy installation, long durability and simple maintenance.

Laboratory Solutions for education and research

Upgrade to a performing and durable laboratory

For more than 50 years we have manufactured best-in-class products for educational laboratories all over the world.
This means that our experience and expertise stand unrivaled in our field.


USP #2
Built to last

Experience how ease-of-use, modularity and durability ensure hassle-free operation year after year.

USP #1
Change the setup as needed

Any BROEN-LAB laboratory solution is easy to reconfigure for new projects.

USP #3
A trusted brand

We are Europe’s leading producer of laboratory solutions and recognized all over the world.

USP #4
Get expert advice

We provide you with specialist knowledge and advice to help you find the optimum solution.

Solutions that help your laboratory last longer

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Emergency Shower Systems for educational labs

Accidents do happen. Are you equipped and ready?

Damage control is an essential part of your safety plan. Especially in laboratories where students and teachers handle hazardous substances.
An emergency shower can make a big difference when disaster strikes.


USP #1
World class people safety

An emergency shower system is a vital part of the damage control plan in a laboratory.

USP #3
Protect your institute’s reputation

Neglecting students’ and employees’ safety can hurt reputation badly.

USP #4
Keep on working

Quick and efficient response to incidents minimises laboratory downtime.

USP #2
Partnership for the best solution

We are your partner during the entire process from risk assessment to installation and service.

Best-in-class solutions for people safety in educational labs

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Improve employee safety with us

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