Service Valves

An innovative technology from BROEN-LAB

USP #1

Easy pre-setting of flow

With the Service Valve you can pre-set the volume flow for experimental purposes. Once the valve is adjusted to the exact level required, you can keep the setting for as long as needed.

USP #2

Local close-down

The need for repair never comes in handy. However, the Service Valve limits the disturbance as you can close off the affected unit alone and thus not bother the entire laboratory.

USP #3

Acknowledged technology

The Service Valve is based on the world-renowned BALLOFIX® concept. This was the first ball valve on the market, and after 50 years it is still the best.

How Service Valves help you

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An extra valve with extra value

The BROEN-LAB Service Valve gives you added flow control, which is useful in daily operation.

The BROEN-LAB Service Valve is a time- and cost-saving feature, designed to ease the day-to-day operation in the laboratory.

With the Service Valve you can pre-set the flow for experimental purposes. You simply adjust the flow and then keep the setting for as long as the concerned experiment runs. The easy way to ensure the exact same flow every time. The lean way of working in the laboratory.

The more control, the better

The Service Valve makes it much quicker and easier to perform local repairs and replacements without shutting down the entire system.

The valve also comes in handy if repair is necessary. You can limit the shutdown to the unit concerned and thus avoid interrupting the entire laboratory. Just close off the affected unit, complete the repair, reconnect and get back to work. A welcome relief, since maintenance works never come in at an appropriate point in time.

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Well-proven technology

The technology behind the Service Valve is the well-recognized BALLOFIX® concept. BALLOFIX® was the very first ball valve on the market more than half a century ago, but it is still acknowledged as the very best all over the world. It has been fitted in more than 130 million installations world wide.

The BALLOFIX® valve is engineered to provide reliable service for decades. Every little detail is carefully designed, manufactured and tested again and again.

Flexibile and durable solution for the modern laboratory

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Acclaimed by leading companies

Lundbeck says

  Lundbeck says

”Previously even a simple replacement of a leaking hose could set a fume hood out of use while we were awaiting the service. With UniFlex you just pull out the fume hood, replace the hose and go on. And this is possible without compromising safety.”

Peter Bregnedal
 Senior Scientist
 Lundbeck A/S

Waldner says

  Waldner says

By using BROEN-LAB’s innovative UniFlex system we continually gain significant savings as a result of the flexible and efficient installation process that is second-to-none.”


Jurgen Liebsch
Managing Director
Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co, KG

NNE Pharmaplan says

  NNE Pharmaplan says

”Having the right approvals our work has become easier. We can combine BROEN-LAB UniFlex components as we want and it enables us to proceed more quickly, but still with best quality assurance.”


Erik Krøll
 Specialist, Lab & Biocontainment Design
 NNE Pharmaplan A/S

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