Fume extraction equipment

Keep your lab safe and the air clean with quality fume extraction equipment

Remove hazardous or just unpleasant vapours, gasses and dusts from the work environment with effective extraction arms. BROEN-LAB offers a full range of high quality products for the modern laboratory.

Anodized aluminum with polypropylene (PP) joints

Chemical resistant polypropylene (PP)

Conductive, shatterproof, chemical resistant polypropylene (PP)

There is much more

This is just a few examples of the many product variations we have in our product programme. Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a quality solution to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose BROEN-LAB solutions?

USP #1
Get exactly the configuration you want

It has never been easier to design individual solutions. With BROEN-LAB you can have the setup that meets your requirements 100%.

USP #2
Get free hands to add and change

Our flexible concept makes it easy to add and replace components. You can make adjustments in minutes and then move on with your work.

USP #3
Get more for your investment

The modular design, easy assembly and long lifetime of the components keep the cost of installation, service and repairs down.