For more reliable laboratories at hospitals

Hospital laboratories are under great pressure every day. They are expected to deliver precise analyses under tight time schedules, and not much time is allotted to accidents, breakdowns and repairs.

BROEN-LAB offers a wide range of laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems that delivers the reliability, durability and security needed in hospital laboratories.

Why choose us?

USP #1
Avoid interruptions

Choose high quality solutions designed for a long and stable life in busy laboratories.

USP #2
Develop your lab on the go

Your solution can easily be changed and upgraded to keep up with new requirements.

USP #3
Cut life-time costs

Easy installation, resistant products and low need for repairs keep your TCO down.

Laboratory Solutions for hospitals

Upgrade to a durable and flexible laboratory

When it comes to expertise and experience in hospital labs, no one matches BROEN-LAB. We have delivered reliable solutions for more than 50 years and know exactly what it takes to help our customers perform.


USP #2
Invest in the future

The durability and flexibility mean that your BROEN-LAB solution will serve you well for decades.

USP #1
A better working day

Our products are easy to use, flexible and ready for the wear and tear of daily life in a busy laboratory.

USP #3
Trusted by top labs

Lab by lab, we have built a solid reputation as Europe’s no. 1 producer of laboratory solutions.

USP #4
Get the best advice

Our experienced specialists are happy to provide you with their advice before, during and after installation.

Reliable solutions for the hospital laboratory

Discover the many options of our range of high quality solutions.

Emergency Shower Systems for hospital labs

Be ready for the bad day

Even the most experienced employee can have an inattentive moment. And even the most well-tested equipment can fail. Damage control is therefore an indispensable part of your safety plan.


USP #1
Put employee safety first

A customized shower system from BROEN-LAB empowers you to react immediately in case of emergency.

USP #4
Minimise downtime

When you react efficiently to accidents, you quickly control the situation and can return to work faster.

USP #3
Protect your hospital’s reputation

Failing to safeguard your employees in the best possible way can hurt your hospital’s reputation.

USP #2
Work with the experts

Get the benefits of our experience all the way from risk assessment to installation and service.

Top quality solutions for people safety in hospital labs

We offer a complete range of emergency showers and accessories. Click to learn more about your options.

Improve employee safety with us

Contact us and let us discuss how you can benefit from our expertise.