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BROEN-LAB produce world-class laboratory systems and emergency shower systems for the pharma, educational, food and beverage and industrial sectors. Our solutions are designed to secure maximum flow, flexibility and safety in modern work environments.

Why work with us?

USP #1
Preferred by leading companies

BROEN-LAB is recognized all over the world for high quality solutions, which provides leading companies and organisations with the flexibility and hassle-free operation they need to stay competitive.

USP #2
Decades of experience

We have delivered laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems since the 1960’s and we work hard to stay at the front through continuous development and refinement of our offering.

USP #3
We help you create the perfect projects

Our specialists are ready to provide you with insights, inspiration and sparring in order to help you create the best possible laboratory and production environments. We also help you develop the tender.

Do you need specifications for a project?

We have done the the work for you. Find product specifications all ready to put into you project specifications. 

Solutions for the lean and flexible laboratory

Market leaders in laboratory solutions

Flexibility and durability are the main quality parameters of today’s laboratories.
Our products are recognized world-wide for their unrivaled modularity and inter-connectivity.
This makes it easy for labs to reconfigure their setup for every new project.


USP #1
Let your client enjoy the carefully thought-out solution

When you choose a BROEN-LAB laboratory solution for your project, the end-user will experience quality in every detail. Everything is designed to ensure the optimal work flow and to keep employee safety at the highest standard meanwhile.

USP #3
We know your customer

We cooperate closely with laboratory professionals in order to make sure that our solutions do their best to support work processes in modern laboratories. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Solutions that help your lab become more agile

Click to learn more about BROEN-LAB’s extensive product programme, or get
access to download specification drawings and BIM-files on our most common lab product configurations.

Choose quality emergency showers

Make the right choice from the beginning

BROEN-LAB offers a complete range of emergency shower systems tailored to your customer’s need and designed to treat body, face and eyes quickly and efficiently.


USP #3
Employee safety is part of the design

Safety in the workplace is not only about employees, but also the company itself. Today’s companies need to take care of their corporate reputation to stay in business.

USP #4
Design with confidence

Any emergency shower system from BROEN-LAB complies with all relevant standards, and we even offer to install the system to ensure perfect functioning. In this way, you can rely on us to deliver what you promise your customer.

Quality solutions for employee safety

Our range of emergency showers and accessories meets all needs of todays companies.
Click to read more about our products, or get access to download specification drawings and BIM-files
for our most common emergency shower product configurations.

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