UniFlex™ Connection

An innovative technology from BROEN-LAB


USP #1
Get exactly the configuration you want

It has never been easier to design individual solutions. With the BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ Connection you can have the setup that meets your requirements 100%.

USP #2
Get free hands to add and change

The UniFlex™ Connection concept makes it easy to add and replace components. You can make adjustments in minutes and then move on with your work.

USP #3
Get more for your investment

The modular design, easy assembly and long lifetime of the components keep the cost of installation, service and repairs down.

The unique and patented technology that unties your hands

– bringing full flexibility to your laboratory

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One valve – numerous connections

BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ Connection is a unique and patented connection, that sits at the heart of all our laboratory solutions.

As soon as we had invented the UniFlex™ Connection, we understood that it would be a game-changer. Now we had the central concept around which a complete range of laboratory taps, valves and regulators could be built, as it allowed numerous connection methods such as hoses, Cu-, PEX or stainless steel.

The entire system has been approved – not just the individual components

Various authorities around the world have given their seal of approval to the UniFlex™ Connection system as a whole. The system approval means that you can add and replace all the components you want and still have an approved installation – just as long as you stick to the UniFlex™ Connection product programme.

No connection beats this

The patented BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ Connection is as brilliant, as it is simple: In order to achieve maximum safety we constructed a double sealing with an O-ring and a conical shape of the metal sealing.

This combination soon proved to be the most effective way to obtain security as well as flexibility, so we went on to create a full taps, valves and regulators programme based on the invention.

The UniFlex™ Connection is the core in all BROEN-LAB valves and the reason why flexibility is our hallmark

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Solutions that help your laboratory become more agile

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What customers say


  Lundbeck says

”Previously even a simple replacement of a leaking hose could set a fume hood out of use while we were awaiting the service.

With UniFlex you just pull out the fume hood, replace the hose and go on. And this is possible without compromising safety.”

Peter Bregnedal,  Senior Scientist
 Lundbeck A/S

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