Damage control means taking care of your business

The stakes are high in the food and beverage industry. Employees, reputation and the bottom line can be seriously affected by even minor incidents, if plans and systems for damage control are not in place.

BROEN-LAB is a specialist in emergency shower systems for this sector. We help responsible companies all over the world prepare for the worst.

Why choose us?

USP #1
Best in class employee safety

Our reliable emergency shower systems always deliver the right flow and dispersion.

USP #2
Protect corporate reputation

It takes years to build a good reputation and just one incident to ruin it. Damage control is essential.

USP #3
Keep production running

Minimise production downtime by mitigating the effects of an accident quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Shower Systems for the food and beverage industry

Because taking chances can be expensive

The safety of your colleagues and the reputation of your brand rely on whether you are prepared for the unfortunate moment that hopefully never occurs.


USP #2
An attractive life-cycle cost

Our quality products last for years, work every time and are easy to maintain. This keeps life-time costs down.

USP #1
Define your own standard

We can establish a guideline for your emergency shower systems to ensure a uniform, high standard in all locations.

USP #3
We know food and beverage

Over many years we have developed a unique expertise in the food and beverage industry and its demands.

USP #4
Specialist advice from A to Z

We are your safety partner all the way from risk assessment to service and maintenance.

Solutions for improved employee safety

A complete range of emergency showers and accessories is at your disposal. Click to learn more about your many options.

What customers say


  Carlsberg says

”At Carlsberg security rank very high in the priority list and we use quite some resources in order to ensure that we have access to the right equipment for the job.

Together with BROEN-LAB we have developed Carlsberg One Standard where we examined all emergency showers in our production sites in Denmark.

With ONE catalogue of solutions, tailor-made to suit our business, we, further to complying with the DS/ EN 15154 standard also managed to standardize the security equipment in all departments resulting in an opti mization of future service and training.

We have experienced BROEN-LAB as a competent and highly experienced sparring partner”

Rasmus Christensen,
HSSE Manager, Carlsberg Denmark

Carlsberg image

Improve employee safety with us

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