Emergency showers


We design your emergency shower solution to match your standards and requirements perfectly. Build the right configuration with showers and accessories from our complete range of high quality products.

Emergency showers overview

Body showers – rinse the whole body effectively

Body showers are indispensable where acids, steam, dust or other harmful substances are being handled.


  • Wall mounted straight
  • Wall mounted above door
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Freestanding
Eye/Face showers – immediate relief when eyes are injured

Reliable and efficient showers for eyes and face.


  • Wall mounted stationary
  • Wall mounted flexible
  • Table mounted flexible
Combined showers – get damage control for body, eyes and face in one solution

Body and eye/face showers in one installation.


  • Wall mounted
  • Freestanding
Heated showers – avoid cold shocks with heated water

Heated showers for locations where temperatures can go as low as a -35°C.


  • Freestanding body shower
  • Freestanding combined body and eye/face shower
  • Wall mounted body shower
  • Pedestal mounted eye/face shower
  • Tank showers

Legionella-safe solutions

The built-up of legionella bacteria has become a great concern over the past few years.

There are different ways of minimizing the risk of legionella built-up. Click here to see our recommendations and the legionella-safe range form BROEN-LAB.

Complete your solution

Fast and clear orientation

Explicit and intuitive signage helps employees find and operate safety equipment quickly and safely.


  • Signs for the wall
  • Stickers
Secure the right water temperature

The wrong water temperature can make an injured person suffer even more.


  • Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Heated tank
Connect and secure the components

The right installation accessories complete your system.


  • Hoses and pipes
  • Brackets
Make operation even easier

Simple accessories that make a difference when immediate relief is required.


  • Cables
  • Foot panel
  • Foot treadle
Improve safety

High quality first aid tools are crucial in the critical seconds after an accident.


  • Pull rod signs
  • First aid kits
  • Eye wash bottles and stations
  • Alarm
Keep your equipment fit

Make sure that spray patterns, flow pressure etc. always comply with standards.


  • Test trolley
  • Test funnel
  • Measuring cylinder

Why choose BROEN-LAB emergency showers?

USP #1
Maintain a high level of employee safety

Get tailored shower systems designed to treat body, face and eyes quickly and efficiently.

USP #2
Protect your corporate reputation

Damage control is an essential part of a responsible company’s safety plan.

USP #3
Keep production running

Quick and efficient response to accidents minimises production downtime.


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