The new health economy is changing the pharma industry

The pharma industry is being turned upside-down these years. Personalized medicine, access to vast amounts of data and aggressive new players are some of the forces that challenge old business models.

The consequence? Pharma labs need to work faster, cheaper and more flexibly! Our Laboratory Solutions and Emergency Shower Systems are built for this.

Why choose us?

USP #1
Untie your hands

Our solutions give you full flexibility, so you can easily adapt to the ever-changing demands.

USP #2
Keep the lab running

Reduce the risk of critical and costly breakdowns with high quality solutions that just work for years and years.

USP #3
Reduce costs

Easy installation, long component lives and hassle-free operation all contribute to a very attractive TCO.

Laboratory solutions for the pharma industry

Improve performance with a lean and flexible laboratory

Having equipped laboratories for decades, we know all about the need for reliability, flexibility and efficiency.


USP #2
Work smarter in the lab

Experience how ease-of-use, modularity and durability make your lab even more competitive.

USP #1
Configure as you move along

You can easily redesign your lab solution to match your needs at any time.

USP #3
A partnership you can trust

We are the no. 1 brand in laboratory solutions in Europe and recognized all over the world.

USP #4
Our experts are your experts

Our specialists provide you with sound advice before, during and after installation.

What customers say


  NNE Pharmaplan says

“As an international lab planner, it is important to have a partner who complies with national and international norms and standards – and who can document this through the certification of an independent third party.

It is also important to have a partner who may offer customer-adapted solutions, facilitating the architectonic expression of the project, instead of being on collision course with it. Even if it concerns safety equipment, it can look good!”

Henrik Als Nielsen
Engineer, Ventilation & Building Utilities
NNE Pharmaplan

Testimonial image

Solutions that help your lab become more agile

Click to learn more about BROEN-LAB’s extensive product programme.

Emergency Shower Systems for the pharma industry

Because taking chances can be expensive

The safety of your colleagues and the reputation of your brand rely on whether you are prepared for the unfortunate moment that hopefully never occurs.


USP #1
Maintain a high level of employee safety

Get tailored shower systems designed to treat body, face and eyes quickly and efficiently.

USP #3
Protect your corporate reputation

Damage control is an essential part of a responsible company’s safety plan.

USP #4
Keep production running

Quick and efficient response to accidents minimises production downtime.

USP #2
Work with the experts

We are your safety partner all the way from risk assessment to service and maintenance.

Quality solutions for employee safety in pharma

Our range of emergency showers and accessories meets all needs of today’s pharma companies. Click to read more about our products.

Improve employee safety with us

Contact us and let us discuss how you can benefit from our expertise.