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Safety has become a matter of strategic importance to many companies. Not only for the sake of the employees, but also for the company itself. Today’s companies are under scrunity from customers, who want flawless suppliers, and from shareholders who know that reputation management is a creator of long-term value for the company.

BROEN-LAB is a specialist in emergency shower systems for companies, where the stakes are high.

Protect your reputation with best-in-class
emergency shower systems

USP #1
Reliable and reassuring

Count on our emergency showers to be ready for action and to deliver the right water flow and dispersion.

USP #2
Trusted by leading companies

BROEN-LAB has been chosen by top companies in pharma, food and beverage and the industrial sector.

USP #3
Full compliance

Our emergency shower systems comply with all European (EN) and U.S. standards (ANSI).

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Accidents do happen!
Are you equipped and ready?

Damage control is an essential part of your safety plan. Especially in workplaces where people handle acids or risk exposure to heat, hazardous material etc.

An emergency shower can make a big difference when disaster strikes. First of all, the shower helps stop the accident immediately. Second, it provides the quick and thorough rinsing that is needed to mitigate the consequences of the accident.

The ability to react instantly is crucial.

BROEN-LAB offers a complete range of emergency shower systems tailored to your business need and designed to treat body, face and eyes quickly and efficiently. All solutions are all in full compliance with international standards and are preferred by leading companies in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, schools, universities and manufacturing companies.

Set your own standards

An emergency shower solution from BROEN-LAB complies with all international norms. However, many of our customers want to define their own, and higher, standards.

We have seen many examples of how inadequate safety systems hurt people as well as companies.

Therefore we recommend our customers to set aside minimum standards and carefully consider what level of safety they really need.

Our experts are ready to help you define a company standard that meets all your requirements. And we have the solutions that go beyond basic quality criteria and put your company’s safety system in a league of its own.

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Your safety partner all the way

With BROEN-LAB you get total solutions that cover all your needs from A to Z.
We help you assess the right locations and configuration of your emergency showers,
and we offer expert advice regarding installation, operation and maintenance.

Risk assessment of your workplaces

Our experts analyze your facilities and work flows to determine the various risk factors.

Recommendations for the optimum solution

Founded on the assessment, we design the solution that ensures the optimum level of safety. The recommendation is so specific, it can be used as a requirements specification for all locations in your company. We call it “One Standard”, and this makes it easy to establish the same safety standard everywhere.

Installation and instruction

Our installation team mounts the solution according to our high standards to ensure full security and quality. After installation we instruct your employees in what to do in case of an emergency.

Service and upgrading

Many of our customers sign up for a Total Service Agreement that includes:

- Periodic safety checks on equipment
- Maintenance and repairs
- Upgrading according to EN 15154 1+2 and ANSI Z358:1
- Documentation and status reports

Solutions that help protect your brand

Take a look at our range of emergency showers and accessories, which can be combined in numerous ways to accommodate every need. Click to learn more.

Let us help protect your corporate reputation

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