Performance is key for today’s businesses

We wish to enable your organisation to achieve a higher level of performance, by helping you work smarter in the laboratory.

The ability to create and control seamless flows is what makes companies and organizations prosper. With premium laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems, we help make that happen.

Why work with us?

USP #1
The experts in flow control

We have manufactured best-in-class solutions for more than half a century and keep refining them.

USP #2
Trusted by top companies

Leading organisations in pharma, education, food and beverage and industrial production choose BROEN-LAB solutions.

USP #3
Partnerships for better solutions

We engage in close collaboration with our customers in order to design the optimum solutions for specific challenges and locations.

We enable you to achieve a higher level of performance, by helping you work smarter in the laboratory.

You are in safe hands with BROEN-LAB

BROEN-LAB is recognized for flexibility and durability all over the world.
Top-class companies trust us to provide the competitive edge, they need in the competition for talent and market shares.


USP #1
A partner, not just a supplier

We assume responsibility for the entire system and not just the parts. We are here to help our customers, and we don’t leave until everything works perfectly.

USP #3
Flexibility is king

Our laboratory solutions give you the power to configure and reconfigure your laboratory to match all your needs at any time – and to ensure efficient and hassle-free day-to-day operation.

What customers say


  NNE Pharmaplan says

“As an international lab planner, it is important to have a partner who complies with national and international norms and standards – and who can document this through the certification of an independent third party.

It is also important to have a partner who may offer customer-adapted solutions, facilitating the architectonic expression of the project, instead of being on collision course with it. Even if it concerns safety equipment, it can look good!”

Henrik Als Nielsen
Engineer, Ventilation & Building Utilities
NNE Pharmaplan

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Solutions that help your lab become more agile

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Emergency Shower Systems that keep your employees safe and protect your reputation

Because the risk is not worth taking

Employee safety has risen to the top of the strategic agenda in many companies.
A safe workplace is a must today, but so is awareness of the fact, that company reputation can suffer dramatically, if disaster strikes and you stand unprepared.


USP #3
Get the total solution

We help you choose the right locations and design the best configuration of your emergency shower station. Our expert team installs the system and instructs your employees carefully, so that everybody knows how to act in case of an emergency.

USP #4
Define your own standards

With our ”One Standard” framework, your specific standard is specified in a document, so that you can easily implement it in all your locations, even if you have a global operation. In this way, you can ensure a uniform safety standard everywhere in your organization.

What customers say


  Carlsberg says

”At Carlsberg security rank very high in the priority list and we use quite some resources in order to ensure that we have access to the right equipment for the job.

Together with BROEN-LAB we have developed Carlsberg One Standard where we examined all emergency showers in our production sites in Denmark.

With ONE catalogue of solutions, tailor-made to suit our business, we, further to complying with the DS/ EN 15154 standard also managed to standardize the security equipment in all departments resulting in an optimization of future service and training.

We have experienced BROEN-LAB as a competent and highly experienced sparring partner”

Rasmus Christensen,
HSSE Manager, Carlsberg Denmark

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Quality solutions for employee safety

Our range of emergency showers and accessories meets all needs of todays companies. Click to read more about our products.

Improve employee safety with us

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