Is your company ready to handle an accident?

Even the most advanced and well-tested installation can suddenly fail, and even the most experienced employee may have an inattentive moment. The responsible company knows this and has plans for damage control.

BROEN-LAB is a leading brand in emergency shower systems, and we have installed our reliable solutions in industrial companies all over the world.

Why choose us?

USP #1
Keep a high level of employee safety

Install the best emergency showers, which ensure correct shower-spray dispersion and pressure.

USP #2
Take care of corporate reputation

A single incident can damage corporate reputation in seconds. You need to prepare for the worst.

USP #3
Reduce downtime

Minimise costly interruptions in the production process by reacting quickly and efficiently to accidents.

Emergency Shower Systems for the industrial sector

Protect your employees and reputation

Having equipped laboratories for decades, we know all about the need for reliability, flexibility and efficiency.


USP #2
Proven and acknowledged

Our world class solutions have proven their worth and reliability in industrial settings for decades.

USP #1
Attractive total costs

The life-time costs are kept down thanks to product quality, durability and low maintenance.

USP #3
“One Standard” keeps standards high

We help companies with several locations define a basic standard that can easily be applied everywhere.

USP #4
Our experts are your experts

Our specialists provide you with sound advice before, during and after installation.

Improve employee safety with quality products

See how you can build a total solution from our wide range of emergency showers and accessories. Click to discover all the options.

Improve employee safety with us

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