Improve your sales with a leading brand

BROEN-LAB is a renowned supplier of laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems. Work with us and make your offering even more compelling.

Why work with us?

USP #1
Chosen by leading companies

Our brand is recognized world-wide for quality, innovation and service, and this ensures an easy sell for your representatives.

USP #2
Decades of expertise in flow control

BROEN-LAB have delivered top-class products and solutions since the 1960’s, and we keep improving quality and features in order to remain in front.

USP #3
We help you succeed

Team up with our marketing specialists and get all the training and support you need from our technical experts. We are here to bring value to your business.

Laboratory solutions for your top shelf

The leading brand in laboratory solutions

Our products are recognized all over the world for their flexibility and durability.
Companies and organisations in pharma, education, food and beverage and industrial production choose BROEN-LAB.
Why? Because we help to provide the competitive edge they need.


USP #1
Help your customers work more efficiently

With our products in your catalogue, your have a convincing offering for those of your customers which have flexibility and durability as top priorities.

USP #3
Service means recurring business

Even after installation you and your costumers can count on us. During the lifetime of the installation, we deliver expert advice, service and spare parts, when needed. We respond quickly to requests and are willing to go all the way to ensure the installation is functioning.

Solutions that help your lab become more agile

Click to learn more about BROEN-LAB’s extensive product programme.

Total safety solutions are better for business

Our system approach makes it easy to sell more

We have designed our emergency shower systems as precisely that; systems.
This gives your customers the best and most seamless user experience – and you the opportunity to sell more individual units.


USP #3
Sharpen your competitive edge

Your customers don’t want products, they want their problems solved. Our emergency shower solutions provides you with simple answers to complex challenges. And happy customers who will come back for more.

USP #4
Deliver with confidence

All solutions are in full compliance with international standards, and we offer to install the system to ensure perfect functioning. Your customer can even supplement with a Total Service Agreement that includes safety checks, maintenance, repairs and upgrading according to European/U.S. standards.

Quality solutions for employee safety

Our range of emergency showers and accessories meets all needs of todays companies. Click to read more about our products.

Improve employee safety with us

Contact us and let us discuss how you can benefit from our expertise.