In this section you will find all our range of faucet products. Our laboratory faucets are designed to cover the requirements of professional laboratories in most industries as well as in the educational sector. BROEN-LAB can design a complete solution to accommodate your requirements and standards.

Overview of faucets

Water faucets – optimized for use in laboratories

Our water faucets are made for both potable and non-potable water. All water faucets are supplied with ceramic headworks. 

  • Wall mounted
  • Deck mounted
  • Over head mounted
Special water – the right solution for your laboratory

The spacial water faucets can accommodate both distilled, deionized and chilled water.


  • Wall mounted
  • Deck mounted
  • Over head mounted

The -52A connection

BROEN-LAB Mixing Faucet and Cold Water Faucets are as standard delivered with Stainless Steel braided hoses terminating in 3/8” OD cu-tails for easy and time-saving installation.

NEW! Sensor Tap

A hands free laboratory faucet that meets the hygiene requirements in the laboratory



Let's plan together

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Why choose BROEN-LAB solutions?

USP #1
Get exactly the configuration you want

It has never been easier to design individual solutions. With BROEN-LAB you can have the setup that meets your requirements 100%.

USP #2
Get free hands to add and change

Our flexible concept makes it easy to add and replace components. You can make adjustments in minutes and then move on with your work.

USP #3
Get more for your investment

The modular design, easy assembly and long lifetime of the components keep the cost of installation, service and repairs down.