Quick Release and Connection Systems

An innovative technology from BROEN-LAB

USP #1
Get more ease of use

The Quick Release and Connection Systems help you work smarter. In seconds, you can easily connect and disconnect nozzles and fixtures and get on with your work.

USP #2
Get the full safety of fixed installations

Despite the quick connection and disconnection procedure, safety is uncompromised. The coloured media indication and the mechanical key rule out mistakes.

USP #3
Get approved installations despite changes

Our system approval means, that you can add and replace all the components you want and still have an approved installation.

The fast way to connect and disconnect

– improving speed and flexibility in your laboratory

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Get used to a new level of flexibility

Our Quick Release and Connection Systems are the smart choice for laboratories that prioritize the ability to reconfigure again and again through the working day.

How the whole system works
Mobile work stations can easily be connected and disconnected, so that you can change the layout of the laboratory in minutes.

How Quick Release works
Just press the appropriate nozzle against the Quick Release Coupling, and the two components securely connect with a click. The coupling is designed so that only components, that fit together, can be connected. Pull back the sleeve of the coupling in order to release the nozzle. When the nozzle is removed, the coupling is automatically closed.

How Quick Connect works
Simply plug the accessory into the Quick Connect and you are ready to work. Push the front ring of the Quick Connect to release the accessory. It is now ready to be replaced.

Get a full overview on how to install the Quick Release and Quick Connect Systems

100% safe with key and colour coding

Although BROEN-LAB Quick Release and Connect Systems are quick and easy, it is still important to use the correct accessories for gases and fluids, as otherwise dangerous situations may arise.

For this reason, we have developed a unique key and colour coding system, making it impossible to make incorrect combinations.

Key coding (mechanical)
All accessories in the Quick Connect range have individual mechanical profiles to ensure that no mistakes are made.

Colour coding (visual)
For added visual safety, the parts are colour coded in accordance with EN 13792 as well as the SEFA 7 standard.

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