Polyester Based Surface Treatment

An innovative technology from BROEN-LAB



USP #1
Get the resistance you need

All taps, valves and regulators from BROEN-LAB are born with the unique Polyester Based Surface Treatment that yields the best protection possible. The surface is second to none in resistance to aggressive chemicals, heat and UV exposure – a combination found in most laboratories.

USP #2
Get a long product lifetime

The protective surface means that the fitting will work perfectly for many years. Intensive handling and harsh environments are just what the surface is designed to deal with.

USP #3
Get the proven and tested solution

We have delivered our laboratory fittings with the Polyester Based Surface Treatment for more than 30 years. Many of our early fittings are still working, looking like they were installed yesterday.

Surface coating at its best

– keeping taps, valves and regulators intact and good-looking for years

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The art of aging gracefully

Laboratory faucets, valves and regulators are working tools and must be constructed to last for decades. No matter the industry our products are put in, they are designed to last. That’s why we give all BROEN-LAB products the best surface treatment possible.

The BROEN-LAB Polyester Based Surface Treatment is our standard coating. The treatment provides the best protection against most chemicals, UV fading, and heat that we have come across.

Furthermore, the surface is easy to clean so that the faucets, valves, and regulators always appear new and pretty despite decades of intensive use.

Distinct colors for guidance

A Polyester Based Surface Treatment can have any color. All our faucets, valves, and regulators are light grey, while handles can be delivered in a wide range of colors according to the European and the U.S. standards.

Do you like the look of Stainless Steel?

We recommend our 9090 powder coated surface, treated with our polyethene clear laquer, giving you the best from 2 worlds where you obtain chemical resistance second to none.


The road to the ultimate surface

Many years ago, we ceased using chrome as the default surface treatment for our products. It was found that the surface deteriorated quickly when exposed to heat, chemicals and UV.

The ultimate surface then became the Polyester Based Surface Treatment, which proved to possess the right properties of resistance with the addition of being friendliest to the environment.

The Danish Technological Institute carried out a series of tests where a large number of chemicals were applied to the new surface along with the traditional chrome and epoxy surfaces.

Testing confirmed that our surface treatment possessed the best properties of resistance to chemicals, heat and UV in a modern laboratory.

Our Polyester Surface Based is the recommended surface for all our products: from our water faucets to our faucet valves to our emergency shower systems. It is the ideal choice if you desire a long lasting product.

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Resistant solutions for the busy laboratory

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More innovative technologies

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