Tomorrows laboratory must be flexible

Performance objectives, competitive pressure and directives about health, security and environment are just some of the forces, laboratories must be aware of and adapt to. The ability to change, and do it with short notice, has become licence to operate.

BROEN-LAB is your partner for tomorrow. We know all about the conditions, laboratories work under today, and we offer state-of-the-art products that make flexibility your most powerful tool.

The power to change

USP #1
Flexible at the core

Our laboratory solutions empower you to upgrade and adapt to the ever-changing demands.

USP #2
Many installation options

Safe and simple installations in furniture, fume cupboards or connected to existing infrastructure.

USP #3
Always approved

The entire system has been approved by authorities, so you can add and replace all the components you want.

Innovative technologies give you free hands

UniFlex™ Connection

A unique concept built around a patented connection, which allows you to choose various connection methods without compromising safety. Our entire range of solutions is based on the UniFlex™ Connection technology.

Quick Release and Connection Systems

Change gas and fluid types as well as accessories in seconds with the unique Quick Release and Connection concepts. Entirely without tools or special assistance. Lab personnel can easily adjust the setup for new purposes and get on with work with minimal disturbance.

Flexible Connectors

Also BROEN-LAB’s connectors are designed for laboratories, where safety and flexibility are key. Our pipes and hoses are easy to install safely, so that installation costs are kept at a minimum.

The complete system for your laboratory

At BROEN-LAB we believe in total solutions, not stand-alone products.

You only experience real improvement of performance, when all parts in your laboratory work seamlessly together as one machine.

Due to our unique and patented connection technologies you always have a solution with a general system approval, no matter how you combine the various components from our range.

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"Quick Connect was the obvious choice."

New lab hotel goes all-in on flexibility

The creators of COBIS, a new biotech park in Copenhagen, wanted to offer ”dancefloor laboratories” with full flexibility to their tenants.

Welcome to BROEN-LAB Quick Connect, the adaptable plug-and-play system that is fast, easy and safe to reconfigure as tasks change.

Important considerations when preparing your laboratory for flexibility

The infrastructure of the laboratory
Give yourself a framework you can adjust on an ongoing basis. All future needs cannot be predicted from the outset, but make sure to give yourself a wide field of opportunities.

The fixture system
You may limit yourself, if you regard components as separate entities rather than a complete system. A holistic view of the system makes synergies possible.

The critical fix points
Some places are extra important when it comes to flexibility. Maybe flexible hoses should be preferred to tubes? Maybe a Quick Connect solution will be better than fixed taps?

Solutions for the agile laboratory

With the extensive product programme from BROEN-LAB, you can design exactly the solution you want.



Is your laboratory ready?

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