Do not let bacterias disturb performance in your laboratory


A handfree operation of a tap that meets the reqiurements of hygiene in the laboratory. The new Sensor Tap from BROEN-LAB decreases risk of contamination increasing your level of hygiene.

Why choose BROEN-LAB products?

USP #1
Attention to detail

At BROEN-LAB we focus on quality in every detail to help you maintain a high level of sanitation.

USP #2
Tailored for Laboratory use

Well-known technology that is tailored for laboratory usage and fits into our wondrous product range.

USP #3
A solution for you

The Sensor Tap solution is developed in three variants to fit your specific needs. For technical information, see next page.

All the features you need

The Sensor Tap is available in 3 basic options. Mounting preferences and hoses to be determined each individual project.

Fixed temperature

The water temperature depends on the supply of; cold, warm or tepid water.

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Regulation with ceramic headwork

The water temperature can be adjusted by the handle between cold, warm and tepid water.

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Regulation by STABITHERM®

The STABITHERM® provides a pre-set water temperature, via a built-in thermostatic element.

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All Sensor Taps comes with a power adaptor, which can be plugged directly into a power socket (compatible with both European and US power sockets). Alternatively if power sockets are limited in the installation area, the Sensor Tap can be installed with a long-life lithium battery.



Let's plan together

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